The Amerigo Vespucci !

This was just great, the oldest ship still in service in the Italian Navy, and still in a very great shape I shall say !

Hope you like the video !


Tamiya 1:35 Leclerc 2 – Status Update

Hello ladies and gents.

Here’s the Leclerc so far sexy as hell  🙂

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Hope you like it so far everything is going well even though things are going to get more and more complicated as I will have to build the smaller parts…

Catch you soon folks 🙂 And as always good modeling to everyone

Status update

Hello ladies and gents.

You haven’t heard a lot from me, I know, I know I’m sorry. Easter holidays are almost over and soon I will return to my second home, where university is and where all the equipment (model kits, pc and microphone are) so I will be able to resume my works.

Btw, would you like some world of tanks or drawing videos ? Since I can’t upload model kit video constantly every week I could fill these gaps with some gaming or other stuff that you might personally like.

Let me know in the comments folks 🙂

EDIT.This is not an Aprils fool 😀

Tamiya 1:35 Leclerc 2 – WTF…

Hello ladies and gents.

So, I was happily working on my Leclerc when the most ridicolous thing happend. I was cutting off a tiny piece from the sprue when… it took off like a rocket. I mean it happens every single time to me, but this time I’m having more that a few problems finding it…
I have litterally searched through my whole room with no success.

So, there’s that… 😦

Wish me good luck to find the little bugger and as always, good modeling.